Implementing Design-First Systems Thinking for IT Technology Transformation Automation
Right-Sized Design + Proactive Automation + Contentful Accountability
About Us
We are LumiraGroup
a boutique test automation strategic partner for your cross-functional technology rationalization and transformation program. 
Industry Understanding
Our managers are experienced hands-on engineers who scout and hire hands-on engineers gathered around personal, commercial, auto, home, condo, and similar lines of business. While focused on Fortune 500 Insurance clients, our staff has experience in finance, hospitality, retail, banking, media, and startups.
Coverage-First Test Design
We are thought leaders in our design-first methodology. This permeates our design, planning, delivery, and management approach. Our QA automation statistical pairwise coverage is unbeaten. Our goal of zero production defects on launch is unmatched. Our logo represents mastery of fundamental coverage and transformation philosophies.
Proactive Planning
Our Agile approach to zero-overhead management ensures that the right senior technologists can not only manage and guide, but also write code and get things done. We have top engineering staff from 6 countries and 7 timezones ready to right-size your automation needs.
Dedicated Execution and Accountability
We treat your project like a family reunion: no matter what happens along the way - we need to get there together. We provide the tools, templates, process, and cloud automation frameworks to get you where you need to be to deliver.
Automation Designed
At LumiraGroup, we attract and retain engineering-minded technologists and industry experts who understand design-first engineering. These people are attracted to our firm because we hold engineering talent and statistical precision as a high value.

Property and Casualty insurance quoting and binding across various lines of business is ripe for efficiencies found in design-first test approaches found not only Quality Assurance but also Devops, Release, Test Environment management, Test Data automation, General Ledger Treasury automation, and Agile planning.  

LumiraGroup consults and asserts leadership in all of these areas.
Progress is Paramount
Of the C-level executives we work with, the biggest complaint is lack of progress.

LumiraGroup emphasizes a quantitative approach to goal-setting and Agile coaching, using industry experts and our own track record of success to upskill and augment existing staff structures to enable short and long-term success.
Staffing Services
Providing remote certified resources for agile staff augmentation engagements

LumiraGroup is a boutique staffing company working exclusively with top IT talent from US and Europe. We have helped our clients achieve their business goals since 2010 by providing high quality IT talent. We focus on finding the right people, with the right skills, for the right job.

In order to increase the offer to our customers, we created a joint venture with Atomichronica, which provides top IT talents matching client’s direct staffing needs. Atomichronica has an access to a comprehensive cross-section of talents through the strong presence in the United States, Central and Eastern Europe.

Our combined expertise allows us to work together to provide the best possible expanding offering and increasing customer satisfaction.

Our Announcements
Nov 30, 2020
LumiraGroup and Atomichronica start new joint venture in Europe
In order to increase the offer to our customers, we created a joint venture with Atomichronica, which provides top IT talents matching client’s direct staffing needs. Atomichronica's strong presence in the United States, Central/Eastern Europe allows accessing to a comprehensive cross-section of talent. Together we are working toward finding excellent candidates, with a strong personality for the right job.
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Our Products
Meet our products
Tracer: automation, requirements, and test management.
Tracer is a comprehensive solution for optimizing software testing and quality assurance processes. It helps program and project management, engineering management, vendor management, and QA management save time and improve efficiency by automating repetitive tasks, predicting defects, providing data visualization and analytics, and enabling collaboration and transparency. Tracer's AI-powered capabilities include generating realistic representative test data, auditing, translating code, and providing suggestions for improvement.
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LumiraGroup is a New York limited liability company based in New York State with offices in 7 time zones. Our staffing model is 100% remote and 100% social distancing compliant. We will use your information strictly for your project we will never send you any marketing content.
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